If you are also a fan of anime like me, come and watch the best anime which you will enjoy after watching.

Spirited Away is an undisputable crossover hit, one that continues to enthral and charm audiences nationwide, introducing western audiences at large to the works of Studio Ghibl

Spirited Away (2001)

Alongside Ninja Scroll and Ghost In The Shell, Akira is another landmark of the medium, pioneering with its epic narrative, stunning art style and atmospheric soundtrack

Akira (1988)

With a philosophically-charged cyberpunk screenplay, iconic visuals, and ideas liberally pinched by Hollywood ever since, it's no wonder Ghost In The Shell is so monolithic not just in anime

Ghost In The Shell (1997)

For many anime fans of a certain generation, Ninja Scroll was their introduction to the medium. Released in the UK in 1995

Ninja Scroll (1993)

It's no mere fluke that Your Name became the highest-grossing anime film of all time – it's a simply beautiful creation,

Your Name (2016)

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